Interior Design Inspiration for 2017

Passing along a great video of inspiration ideas if your designing and planning your new home in the New Year. Plenty of styles captured here from sleek to eccentric. Enjoy!

Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Are you building your home this year? If so, check out the video below for a preview of the incoming trends for kitchen designs.

Design Tips to Foster Relaxation in Your Wellness Studio

Opening your own wellness studio or office?

When you are considering opening your new Chiropractic, Yoga studio, or Doctors office, you need to have a mental vision of designing an atmosphere that facilitates trust and comfort. There are many interior designers who would love to take your money and design your space for you, but if you would like to take a stab at doing it yourself, here are some helpful tips to consider:

 Make sure you know what you’re doing.

Study, research and question: It’s easy to choose cheap, plain, pastel walls, industrial carpet, and white lights, that doesn’t send a “I’m here for your welfare” message. It sends a “I want your money and, by the way, you’re waiting for an hour” message, which really is not good. If you have a local design favorite you prefer, look around for some classic (medical) antiques for your waiting room, or some old-time looking rug and furniture. If you have a modern, streamlined and urban space and prefer a new look, fill you waiting room with lots of white, glass, and chrome, as it is fairly popular nowadays and matches the urban look.


Floors, lighting, walls, and in that order!

Don’t jump the gun. It doesn’t matter if you’re ripping your room down to the stud, or starting from scratch, you don’t need to empty your wallet on a room that your patients will like. A good way to start is with a fresh coat of paint, which will make the space more likable and set the stage for your remodeling. I like neutral clinic design, and it’s the most popular kind of design as it is calm and not ‘in your face’ with the color scheme.

Clean your space! Try to keep it clean and calm.

A lot of people struggle with clutter and messiness at home, and you really don’t want to face it in the workspace. Keep card and hand-outs in an organized stand or folder, or even under a paperweight on the front desk, and keep it small. If you’re going to hang posters, make sure you put them in a wood and glass frame, as it will keep dust off of the poster, protect it, and it will look nice. Plants are also a great addition because of they control the freshness of the air. You don’t want patients in a small, cluttered, claustrophobic and stale waiting room, as it will deter them from coming back.

Consider reading this post also, on designing your powder room while considering your space.

You can find help here, if you are interested in learning about Feng Shui and designing soothing studios.


Use your workspace to enhance inspiration and creativity.

For instance, Canada has lots of underground but talented photographers and artists who need to put bread on the table; go to some art galleries for a few select (and, more importantly, matching) pieces and have the framed. It will demonstrate the involvement your office has in your rural community, inspire guests to visit photography and art galleries of their own, and give your clinic some original art, as well as creativity. Good luck!

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7 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Interior Designer


Interior design as a profession is slowly growing. Around the world there is always some prime value that is placed on real estate, this is all thanks to the interior designer. The prices of properties is usually highest when placed according to its esthetic value, which is added by the services of an interior designer. If you are considering becoming an interior designer here are some things that you can look at.

It is not limited to decoration

Many people make the mistake of confusing decoration with design. While being a decorator is done by just having an apt taste and a creative mind, designing requires a more technical approach. It is naturally easy to find someone that knows how to play around with colors. This is something that is also common with graphic designers and other people who are involved in décor. However, a designer is a trained individual. For one to be considered an interior designer, they have to possess a certificate that shows that they are educated in that area. Most of the clients trust someone that is accredited and qualified in interior design. Therefore is important to know that you need schooling to be an official interior designer.

Naturally talented in design

Although it is apparent that you need to get a certificate, a natural talent in design is likely to go a long way in improving your portfolio. This is something that comes from within and fits quite well with you. You should at least have the appreciation of color, arrangement and spatial organization to be able to have a smooth career as an interior designer. Even though you may have to go to school, it is still important that you are driven from within. When you enjoy what you are doing and you are good at it, you will always keep moving no matter what happens. Passion is a step closer.

It is not as easy as you may think

So far, you could have the passion and the certificate, is that all? While dealing with furniture and fabric, all interior designers have a big role to play in construction. Some of the work is not all fun and easy to do as you would have liked to imagine. Some of the tasks that interior designer do have to do with architectural history, structural integrity, ethics, spatial concepts, CADs and other topics. These are issues that may not be quite as fun and interesting but still have to be considered. These are areas that are studied by architects, planners and contractors, but are still necessary for interior designer too and for a good reason. You will also need to know some things about the laws of the locality that you are staying in.


It is one of the major reasons that you look for work. Although it is important to have passion for interior design, I doubt if you will be able to pay your bills only relying on passion. This especially after investing a lot of time and money into it. Interior designers are handsomely compensated for their work. According to recent statistic that average annual income of an interior designer is $40,600. This may differ depending on experience and educational background. It also varies from one company to another. Some people also opt to do freelancing or launch their own studios and offer service where they are paid hourly. This is more profitable, although it also comes with the risks of any business.

Good communication skills

When it comes to dealing with clients, communication is something that you cannot afford to ignore. You need to know the questions to ask the clients and also carefully note what they want you to do for them. Some of the clients are also clueless and will often ask for ideas. This means that you have to communicate the suggestions that you have and present an elaborate picture in their minds. You can also use some clairvoyance, where you can already tell what they clients need and suggest it to them.

You to develop a portfolio

You will need to have a good interior design portfolio. This is an album that contains the choices of design and the range of fabric and colors that are available. Most of the clients want to see and feel the fabric when making interior design decisions. You can develop a portfolio by offering your services for free or for money. You will then build a network of individuals in the industry on your way up.

There is competition

Interior design is a very competitive market. There are many companies and individuals that are already in the market. You have to always look for way of improving yourself. You can do this by developing extensive portfolio and get educated to keep yourself abreast the most current trends. It is also imperative that you market and promote yourself as much as possible. You should be on top of the advertising trends to make a good first impression on your clients. Once you get your portfolio online, design and produce your business identity and have your cards and website done, you must complete the task by implementing a marketing program so that your website and portfolio will be seen by those who are trying to search locally for designers. If you already have a website and marketing materials in place, the next step is to find a company that will help your website to be found by those looking for interior designers. This would be done by people who know how to tweak your site in order to be easily found. For example, (if this is still too cryptic) lets say you are looking for help in whatever particular state you live in; you could type in, SEO Rhode Island, and a list of companies will be available for you to choose from in that state. It is not hard to promote yourself if you no where to look for help. Good luck!


5 Things to consider When Investing in Solar Panels


There are several important factors that you want to make sure you understand and consider before investing in solar panels for your home.

Utility Rates

Firstly, you want to make sure that you understand your utility company’s rates. In different areas, energy usage can vary. However, “going solar” removes top tiers from the cost formula. So, the more you spend on electricity currently, the more return of investment you receive on an installed solar system. Solar batteries, you don’t have to worry about, unless you’re building a self-contained living compound or something off the grid.

Energy usage

You also want to know how much energy your home uses each month. This will vary depending on the amount of tools, accessories, and electronics used in your home. It is recommended to get a solar installer to calculate the amount of electricity that you use each month. Solar systems should always be on the southwest area of your roof for maximum results.

Take a look at this video for some additional facts and useful helps in determining your decision to go solar or not…

Property Tax

Solar systems do not add to property tax, fortunately — and they won’t cause a reassessment of your property! In almost all states, if a property assessment happens to be triggered for whatever reason, having solar panels will not affect the property tax. Some states, though, are tricky, like some New England states like Rhode Island:,  and New Hampshire where you have make sure you are zone compliant. When in doubt, check!


You can get insurance for your solar system for less then ten dollars a month. It’s important to have a good understanding of how long your solar panels last. In general, a solar panel can last up to thirty years or more! Annually, a solar panel loses 0.5% energy conversion efficiency. A myth is that panels can harm your roof. This is entirely false. They will not harm your roof in anyway. However, your roof type can alter the cost of installation. It’s easy to slap a solar system onto asphalt shingles, but not so much Greek or Spanish tile. It’s also very important to understand your solar warranties.


A warranty can last up to 25 years on panels, and about 10 years on the solar inverters. However, it is important to remember that warranties do not cover other damages. A solar system is always a fantastic investment. You save energy and money. What else could you possibly want? Not only are solar systems dependable and affordable, but you can stay off the grid. When everyone else loses power, you will have energy. The sun doesn’t lose power, so why should you?


Tips and Inspiration to Design Your Powder Room

Yep. We’re going there. The powder room. That one fancy guest bathroom that’s made only to show off to someone. Well, they’re usually fancy. It probably won’t look good if it has plastic tiles and a tan shower curtain from the 1970’s. Here are some tips on how to re-make your powder room so that you aren’t ever afraid to say yes when someone asks about a bathroom!


A powder room is usually a fancy but small bathroom, making it a great place to change the design. You can try a crazy and bright color, or some strange materials to surprise your guests. These can be out of the ordinary colors and materials that can really downsize a larger room because of its quality.


Before you jump the gun and contact a remodeling professional, you should make a cup of tea, sit down, and really think about what kind of powder room you want. Do you want it to be crazy, calm, fancy, or what? Look at some magazines, and make sure that you really get a handle on what you want to do before you hire someone to rip your bathroom to studs.

Once you have located your personal style, go to some open houses (literally!) and check out some bathrooms and other rooms in person, and here’s why; special decorator and interior remodeling showrooms / houses, kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms provide you with great places to see awesome styles in 3D that you might want to copy. Your design can even look like any of the classic Rhode Island jewelry stores from the Jewelry District in Providence, where there is a focus classical design elements from the turn of the century, which are wonderful sources of inspiration.


When you’re looking at colors for your powder room, avoid sandy, beige, and tan colors behind. Bold colors like burgundy, champagne, chocolate, navy, and even some light gray with orange accents work well in small spaces. True, conventional decorating wisdom pretty much tells you that lighter colors give the illusion that the color is bigger. Hug the room! Embrace it’s small size and go for some bright, weird, or dramatic colors instead.



Even though the room is small, a lot of plumbing and mechanical items must be included! A professional designer can take just one look at the size of a room and decide what it needs to be spiced up. They can look at it, take what’s inside into account, and make a floor plan (literally) that makes it nice and maximizes space, giving you more room to make it posh!

Check out some tips and inspiration  Here from Martha Stewart and her decorating team!


Tips on Cleaning Granite Countertops in Your New Home

Granite countertops are a popular choice for new homeowners. The vast amount of people are not sure of how to correctly sanitize and clean and maintain the surface of the countertop. You can buy a chemical called “granite cleaner” at stores such as Home Depot, but there are different ways you can clean these sturdy yet gorgeous countertops.


1.Get the countertops ready for a thorough cleaning. Before you start to clean the countertop, get rid of excess items and dirt and move your household appliances or other items so you can clean the surface of every area.

2.Clean up any spills or sticky stuff on the top of the counter. The best way to not stain your countertop is to get rid of liquids or sauces immediately from the top of the counter.  If the liquid has settled in, use a hot dish towel with soap to wet and soak the crumbs or other junk.

3. Clean with warm soapy water and remove crumbs. Use a basic soapy rag to clear the top of the counter of remaining crumbs, debris, and other stuff before you completely clean your countertop.

4. Make your home recipe granite countertop cleaning mixture. Be sure that you use cleaners that have balanced pH levels and do not contain acidic chemicals.

5. Fill a paint bucket with clean lukewarm or hot water. If you can use water that has already been filtered, that’s even better.

6.  Mix some mild dish soap with rubbing alcohol. Combine three or four parts detergent with one part rubbing alcohol. It works well because it is sanitized and has cleaning properties but contains a low amount of pH.

7. Combine well and let the water cool down just a bit. You want the water that you’re using to be lukewarm. Make sure that the dish detergent/soap and alcohol are thoroughly mixed.

Remember; don’t use any lemon based cleaners, acidic based cleaners, vinegar, or ammonia cleaners on granite. Even though granite is a touch surface, it can be damaged by acidic mixtures, which destroy the surface of it. Lemon and vinegar have more acid than the granite can handle, making it lumpy and callous, eating away at the top of the rock. Some persistent stains might need a professional, like from, to come out and look at the damage and see if a more professional method might work.

8. Dry and polish the countertop completely. Even though the counters may be clean, most of the cleaner chemicals might leave streaks or scratches if not dried as soon as the process is complete.

Use a micro-fiber rag to dry and polish the countertops. Use a new cloth if the other one becomes wet, soggy or damp (which it probably will). A wet rag will not let you dry the counter, as it’s already wet. It will leave streaks on the counter.


5 Kitchen Design Tips


When spending thousands on your dream home, you’ll want to consider some basic tips to avoid wasting money and rehabbing down the road. One of the most popular and used rooms in the house has always been the kitchen. There are some simple tips that will make your kitchen more efficient, clean, functional and welcoming to family and guests.

  • If you have the wall space, add additional shelving so you can keep your counter tops clear and utilize the space for your kitchen cooking projects.
  • Adding warm lighting or simple chandeliers will make your kitchen warm and inviting.
  • Granite or marble counter tops not only last forever, they clean well and look beautiful.
  • Cabinetry with glass can make your kitchen look more spacious and classy. Just keep in mind you should have a cohesive flow of colors and design matching the rest of your kitchen when it comes to the dishes behind the glass.
  • If possible, install a lot of windows for the warmth and beauty that natural light gives.

Read “tips on cleaning your granite countertops”. They may come in handy when considering your kitchen design, and upkeep.

4 Beautiful Freestanding Baths for Home Design Inspiration

One of the “new” trends of bathroom design is the stand-alone bath tub. These tubs are based off the traditional “claw foot” victorian style tubs, but modernized and luxuriously simple. They are popular and come in many styles as well as materials such as cast iron, marble, ceramic, stone and acrylic. Having a freestanding tub increases the value and quality of your home and exhibits a clean, modern and classy style.





10 Services Offered by Interior Designers


Interior designers are certified individuals who offer professional services to clients with regard to interior design. They are trained in many areas from psychology, to architectural styles to communications skills. This enables them to deal with customers and at the same time offer specialized advice on different issues. The services that are offered by interior designers vary depending on where they work. Some interior designers work for engineering companies and are likely to offer services for office buildings. Those that work for small home improvement companies may offer services for home interior design. In real estate, most are involved in creating model homes and home staging to sell. The following are some services that are offered by designers.

  1. Client interview

This is the first service that you will receive when seeking for a designer. Some designers may do an interview with an additional consultation fee, hourly or as part of the flat rate. For companies also, this can also be offered for free or charged as a consultation fee. This is when you get the basic information about the work of the interior designer. This interview can be done face to face or virtually through the internet. This is also where the designer gives you the breakdown of the cost that you will incur for the services.

  1. Hourly design concept consultation

This is especially designed for individuals that need some guidance on projects that they can do themselves. The clients give a concept and the designer makes suggestions on how they can implement this themselves. It is usually billed hourly.

  1. Comprehensive consultation

This service is usually offered continuously by the designer to the clients. It is mostly used for clients that have large and costly projects. It will be billed as comprehensive because of various complexities and different issues that may need to be considered. This is especially done by construction companies that have in house interior designers to provide this service. it may also apply in urban planner consultants. Some of the large companies are profitable and are always gaining their clients because of their use of local branding and marketing companies, one of which is a rhode island seo firm in Rhode Island called Oxbow SEO, but there are others you can find.

  1. Interior redesigning

Interior design offers this service for people that have already set up construction and wish to redesign it. This means making changes to an existing house. This service involves replacing and adding some new stuff into the building. Interior designers make suggestions based on the potential of the house and the budget of the client. Redesign is a process of reshaping and improving the interior of the building.

This can be done when a new tenant has moved into a house.

  1. Downsizing /upgrading/combining households

Designers also offer consultation on helping the client determine whether or not they should upgrade or downsize. Downsizing would mean less room, and hence the need for a new design. Combining house holds also has the unique need of combining the materials from two houses and blending them together. The services of the interior designer are needed to do this.

  1. Interior decoration and design services

This forms a large part of what interior designers do. Some of the services under this can include; arranging furniture, planning fixtures, furniture and cabinetry, lighting design, sound design and interior floral design. The designers creative work is to ensure that the inside of the house is neat and well arranged. They may do this themselves or offer supervision to manual workers. If you are interested in becoming an interior designer, you may want to first find out what kind of education, costs, and pay are standard before you endeavor a career in this field.

  1. Home staging and model homes

When it comes to real estate, it is always good to ensure that the house is in excellent condition. This is why interior designers ensure that the house is well prepared and arranged to catch the eyes of the potential buyers. It is also important to provide the best model home. Interior designers are highly trained in designing model homes. Interior designers whet the appetite of the buyers.

  1. Selection and specification of fixtures

The process of designing the house is done under the supervision of an interior designer. He is also involved in the selection of the materials that are to be used. These are furniture, colors, paints and other materials. Designers know the texture and positioning of these materials in the house.

  1. Develop applicable building and safety codes

Interior designers are trained in building technology and the appropriate safety codes. Therefore, they are experts in directing applicable building and safety codes.

  1. Purchasing products

Materials that are used by interior designers are also purchased by them. They are the ones who have the contacts of the various retailers where the materials are purchased and are therefore knowledgeable and acquainted. They have connections in the industry that enables them to effectively access products from places that may not be accessible to home owners.