Interior design as a profession is slowly growing. Around the world there is always some prime value that is placed on real estate, this is all thanks to the interior designer. The prices of properties is usually highest when placed according to its esthetic value, which is added by the services of an interior designer. If you are considering becoming an interior designer here are some things that you can look at.

It is not limited to decoration

Many people make the mistake of confusing decoration with design. While being a decorator is done by just having an apt taste and a creative mind, designing requires a more technical approach. It is naturally easy to find someone that knows how to play around with colors. This is something that is also common with graphic designers and other people who are involved in décor. However, a designer is a trained individual. For one to be considered an interior designer, they have to possess a certificate that shows that they are educated in that area. Most of the clients trust someone that is accredited and qualified in interior design. Therefore is important to know that you need schooling to be an official interior designer.

Naturally talented in design

Although it is apparent that you need to get a certificate, a natural talent in design is likely to go a long way in improving your portfolio. This is something that comes from within and fits quite well with you. You should at least have the appreciation of color, arrangement and spatial organization to be able to have a smooth career as an interior designer. Even though you may have to go to school, it is still important that you are driven from within. When you enjoy what you are doing and you are good at it, you will always keep moving no matter what happens. Passion is a step closer.

It is not as easy as you may think

So far, you could have the passion and the certificate, is that all? While dealing with furniture and fabric, all interior designers have a big role to play in construction. Some of the work is not all fun and easy to do as you would have liked to imagine. Some of the tasks that interior designer do have to do with architectural history, structural integrity, ethics, spatial concepts, CADs and other topics. These are issues that may not be quite as fun and interesting but still have to be considered. These are areas that are studied by architects, planners and contractors, but are still necessary for interior designer too and for a good reason. You will also need to know some things about the laws of the locality that you are staying in.


It is one of the major reasons that you look for work. Although it is important to have passion for interior design, I doubt if you will be able to pay your bills only relying on passion. This especially after investing a lot of time and money into it. Interior designers are handsomely compensated for their work. According to recent statistic that average annual income of an interior designer is $40,600. This may differ depending on experience and educational background. It also varies from one company to another. Some people also opt to do freelancing or launch their own studios and offer service where they are paid hourly. This is more profitable, although it also comes with the risks of any business.

Good communication skills

When it comes to dealing with clients, communication is something that you cannot afford to ignore. You need to know the questions to ask the clients and also carefully note what they want you to do for them. Some of the clients are also clueless and will often ask for ideas. This means that you have to communicate the suggestions that you have and present an elaborate picture in their minds. You can also use some clairvoyance, where you can already tell what they clients need and suggest it to them.

You to develop a portfolio

You will need to have a good interior design portfolio. This is an album that contains the choices of design and the range of fabric and colors that are available. Most of the clients want to see and feel the fabric when making interior design decisions. You can develop a portfolio by offering your services for free or for money. You will then build a network of individuals in the industry on your way up.

There is competition

Interior design is a very competitive market. There are many companies and individuals that are already in the market. You have to always look for way of improving yourself. You can do this by developing extensive portfolio and get educated to keep yourself abreast the most current trends. It is also imperative that you market and promote yourself as much as possible. You should be on top of the advertising trends to make a good first impression on your clients. Once you get your portfolio online, design and produce your business identity and have your cards and website done, you must complete the task by implementing a marketing program so that your website and portfolio will be seen by those who are trying to search locally for designers. If you already have a website and marketing materials in place, the next step is to find a company that will help your website to be found by those looking for interior designers. This would be done by people who know how to tweak your site in order to be easily found. For example, (if this is still too cryptic) lets say you are looking for help in whatever particular state you live in; you could type in, SEO Rhode Island, and a list of companies will be available for you to choose from in that state. It is not hard to promote yourself if you no where to look for help. Good luck!