Opening your own wellness studio or office?

When you are considering opening your new Chiropractic, Yoga studio, or Doctors office, you need to have a mental vision of designing an atmosphere that facilitates trust and comfort. There are many interior designers who would love to take your money and design your space for you, but if you would like to take a stab at doing it yourself, here are some helpful tips to consider:

 Make sure you know what you’re doing.

Study, research and question: It’s easy to choose cheap, plain, pastel walls, industrial carpet, and white lights, that doesn’t send a “I’m here for your welfare” message. It sends a “I want your money and, by the way, you’re waiting for an hour” message, which really is not good. If you have a local design favorite you prefer, look around for some classic (medical) antiques for your waiting room, or some old-time looking rug and furniture. If you have a modern, streamlined and urban space and prefer a new look, fill you waiting room with lots of white, glass, and chrome, as it is fairly popular nowadays and matches the urban look.


Floors, lighting, walls, and in that order!

Don’t jump the gun. It doesn’t matter if you’re ripping your room down to the stud, or starting from scratch, you don’t need to empty your wallet on a room that your patients will like. A good way to start is with a fresh coat of paint, which will make the space more likable and set the stage for your remodeling. I like neutral clinic design, and it’s the most popular kind of design as it is calm and not ‘in your face’ with the color scheme.

Clean your space! Try to keep it clean and calm.

A lot of people struggle with clutter and messiness at home, and you really don’t want to face it in the workspace. Keep card and hand-outs in an organized stand or folder, or even under a paperweight on the front desk, and keep it small. If you’re going to hang posters, make sure you put them in a wood and glass frame, as it will keep dust off of the poster, protect it, and it will look nice. Plants are also a great addition because of they control the freshness of the air. You don’t want patients in a small, cluttered, claustrophobic and stale waiting room, as it will deter them from coming back.

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Use your workspace to enhance inspiration and creativity.

For instance, Canada has lots of underground but talented photographers and artists who need to put bread on the table; go to some art galleries for a few select (and, more importantly, matching) pieces and have the framed. It will demonstrate the involvement your office has in your rural community, inspire guests to visit photography and art galleries of their own, and give your clinic some original art, as well as creativity. Good luck!

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