Yep. We’re going there. The powder room. That one fancy guest bathroom that’s made only to show off to someone. Well, they’re usually fancy. It probably won’t look good if it has plastic tiles and a tan shower curtain from the 1970’s. Here are some tips on how to re-make your powder room so that you aren’t ever afraid to say yes when someone asks about a bathroom!


A powder room is usually a fancy but small bathroom, making it a great place to change the design. You can try a crazy and bright color, or some strange materials to surprise your guests. These can be out of the ordinary colors and materials that can really downsize a larger room because of its quality.


Before you jump the gun and contact a remodeling professional, you should make a cup of tea, sit down, and really think about what kind of powder room you want. Do you want it to be crazy, calm, fancy, or what? Look at some magazines, and make sure that you really get a handle on what you want to do before you hire someone to rip your bathroom to studs.

Once you have located your personal style, go to some open houses (literally!) and check out some bathrooms and other rooms in person, and here’s why; special decorator and interior remodeling showrooms / houses, kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms provide you with great places to see awesome styles in 3D that you might want to copy. Your design can even look like any of the classic Rhode Island jewelry stores from the Jewelry District in Providence, where there is a focus classical design elements from the turn of the century, which are wonderful sources of inspiration.


When you’re looking at colors for your powder room, avoid sandy, beige, and tan colors behind. Bold colors like burgundy, champagne, chocolate, navy, and even some light gray with orange accents work well in small spaces. True, conventional decorating wisdom pretty much tells you that lighter colors give the illusion that the color is bigger. Hug the room! Embrace it’s small size and go for some bright, weird, or dramatic colors instead.



Even though the room is small, a lot of plumbing and mechanical items must be included! A professional designer can take just one look at the size of a room and decide what it needs to be spiced up. They can look at it, take what’s inside into account, and make a floor plan (literally) that makes it nice and maximizes space, giving you more room to make it posh!

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